International Flight

International flight ticket 

We provide an unbeatable price to our customers for all international flight tickets from Kathmandu to other destinations and from other countries to Nepal with wide range of airlines choices worldwide. We arrange one way, return, or multicenter flight tickets with all classes (economy, business, first class) as per customers’ requirement. All tickets sold by the next holiday travel and tours is financially protected so you will have peace of mind once you buy your ticket with us. 

Some of the key airlines as below: 

International airlines:

  • Qatar airline
  • Emirates Airline
  • Ethihad air
  • Oman air
  • Nepal airline
  • Himalayan airline
  • Singapore Airline
  • Air India
  • British air
  • Cathaway pacific
  • Biman Bangala
  • Austraan Airlines
  • Air france, KLM air
  • American airline
  • Air China, China easter
  • United airways
  • Air Arabia
  • Jazeera air
  • Thai airways
  • Fly Dbuai
  • Drago Air,
  • Silk Air
  • Turkish airline etc.
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