Trekking & Tour in Nepal

Nepal is the most exciting trekking paradise in the earth as Nepal is a Kingdom of stunning majestic Himalayas with eight of the 14 tallest mountains along with the world’s highest peak Mount Everest (Sagarmatha 8848m), possibly offers the finest mountain scenery the world has to bestow. Nepal has vibrant culture and six distinct and diverse vegetation zones ranging from tropical below a 1000m to alpine 4000m, and above snowline. Geographically, Nepal is located amid of world’s two giant countries China to the North and India to the south in the Asia contenent, and enthralling land of tantalizing scenic beauty of nature, 664 birds species, rare endangered wild animals, centuries- old Temples, Stupas, charming hill villages, holiest religious place where Gautam Buddha was born.


Trekking in Nepal lets trekkers to immerse into melting pot of multi-culture and communities, thrill with mesmerizing beauty of the tallest peak of the world Mount Everest (8848m) and other high rise ever gleaming snow clad Mountains above 8000m, spellbind with the astounding scenery, diverse species of Tropical plain terrain below 1000M to Alpine higher altitude region naturally blessed in between only 200miles in Nepal, which is quite impossible to see in other part and country of the world.


All of the above briefly reflects that Nepal is the premier destination for trekking, tour and holiday in the globe as visiting Nepal is to be on the top of the world once in a lifetime and to be in the holiest religious place;: Lumbini; a birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha.


Nepal has six distinct and diverse vegetation zones ranging from Tropical below a 1,000 m through Sub-tropical 100m - 200m, Lower Temperate 1,700 m - 2,700 m, Upper Temperate 2,400 m - 3,000 m, Sub-alpine 3,000 m - 4,000 m and Alpine 4,000 m to the snowline above the snowline it is a Himalaya tundra like wilderness. The higher altitutes are home to the elusive Snow leopard, Hamalayan Thar, Musk deer and other rare species.

A trekkers' paradise, Nepal combines Himalayan views, golden temples, charming hill villages and jungle wildlife watching to offer one of the world's great travel destinations. A stunning mountainous Kingdom bordered by Tibet, China to its north and India to its south, east and west, Nepal is the fabled land of prayer flags, ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples, emerging wildlife encounters and possibly the finest mountain scenery the world had to offer. Beyond the snow – capped peaks, topped by Mt Everest, Nepal’s low hills offer incredibly comfortable trekking opportunities and enlightening rural encounters, while its cities cradle cultural heritage and luxurious relaxation in abundance.  

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